Fwak! @ SIGGRAPH 2012

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I have been invited by Toon Boom to present Dead Ringo at SIGGRAPH next week. I’ll be there on Tuesday (Aug 7th) at 10AM and 2PM, and again on Wednesday (August 8th) at 1PM.

I’ll be talking about the series, how it came to be, and my work methods in Toon Boom Animate. See you at the LA Convention Centre!

LOS CAMPEONES is in this book!

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¡Quiero ver sangre! has been on our wishlist for a while. This is an Encyclopedia on Lucha Libre Cinema published in Mexico that is hard to come by in the USA. Recently,  Keith Rainville (Writer of Los Campeones, Mr FPU) bought a copy on Amazon and WOW! – our film is in this book! What a huge thrill.  Los Campeones De La Lucha Libre is listed in here with a synopsis and very nice review. Click on the image below to enlarge. (Everything is in español)

The Slapbooth Show

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The Slapbooth Show is a podcast show by Bibi and Fifi of The Poubelle Twins, whom you may know from the very popular Lucha Va Voom.

If you have an hour to spare, listen to me chat with our special luchadora friends on this podcast –>  http://www.deuxfilles.net/podcast/?p=409  

It is a little silly. We talk about Lucha Libre, Mucha Lucha, Los Campeones, Doggie Drawings, and Ice Cream. I also say  that I am looking for an agent… which is indeed true as I have some new projects (animated and  screenable, illustrated and publishable) for which I could use some representation.  Gracias!  – Lili

P.S. I have also been recently interviewed on The Kitchn.com HERE

Working REALLY Rough…

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One of the advantages of cleaning up and compositing your own animation, is that the original animation itself can be REALLY rough. Because there is no one working on this after me, my original drawings can be pretty damn ugly as seen in the follwing example…

(Rough animation, followed by finished scene with background and visual effects. Roughed out in Flash, spit, polish and finish in Toon Boom Animate).

Dead Ringo – Episode 6

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Images from ‘Ringo & The Night Procession’ are up on the Dead Ringo tumblr

Remember – Images are constantly being added as the scenes are finished :)

Betsy Go Boom!

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Betsy Go Boom! – a series about a little girl who is literally a human beatbox – is an idea that has been around for a while now. The project was recently revisited, resulting in this series teaser. Music by the wonderful Bran Flakes.

‘The Kinky Kasparovich Konundrum’ – the book!

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Kaspar Kasparovich – a Soviet secret agent specialising in western pop culture – is an idea we have been developing for some time.
I started writing a script a few years back, and because I was watching a lot of Film Noir at the time, the script started to become more of a first person narrative. So much so, that I’ve released the story as an actual novel, and it is now available to buy on the blurb website
It’s a short, fun read, and I’ve tried to keep the price pretty much down to cost. The only downside are the shipping charges which are quite steep. Blurb does offer discount coupons on the shipping though, and entering the code DADTASTIC25 (before May 31st) can save you 25% off shipping costs.
I must stress though, that this is purely an exercise in getting the Kaspar Kasparovich story documented rather than a money making venture, and will hopefully lead to the next step in getting the project animated.

Jonny Quest Documentary

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Jonny Quest was my favorite cartoon as an 8 year old. I loved the international locations, impossible creatures, and exotic villains!

There is an interesting multi-part documentary on youtube that while a little long-winded, is obviously done with a lot of fan affection.

My favorite part is this one, where the makers have lovingly stitched together the wonderful background pans from the series, by way of Photoshop! Enjoy.

Ska-Ville update

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Amongst other projects ‘Ska-ville’ goes on. Here’s an image from a current scene. A couple of Ska crazy birds explain to an out-of-town pigeon just ‘What is Ska?’

New Dead Ringo trailer

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