Why we British grew up so twisted…

FrankiesteingobstopperMy mum used to buy me one of these comics everyday when I was a kid.  My favorite characters were the grotesque ones done by Ken Reid (above).

Ken was one of Manchester’s finest and drew characters like ‘Facheache‘, ‘Jasper The Grasper’ and ‘Hugh Fowler’  (THIS is both demented and hilarious.  Fowler has one emotion and expression; HATE!)

I also loved Leo Baxendale’s stuff too, especially as he drew mainly spotty, obnoxious school kids.  ‘The Swots & The Blots’ was my favorite


More at Peter Gray’s great English comic site


4 Responses to “Why we British grew up so twisted…”

  1. We’ll they’ve twisted at least one American too. I used to read lots of British comics when I lived in Europe as a kid. I remember Frankie Stein pretty vividly. Thanks for the flashback to my youth!

  2. De nada, Mr. BH…

    The great thing now, is that we can appreciate the artists who drew them…back then none of the titles were credited.

  3. I think Ken Reid and Basil Wolverton would’ve gotten along quite well. Their styles were very similar.

    I also enjoyed Beano’s version of Dennis the Menace, he made the American Dennis seem like an altarboy.

  4. I know – the British Dennis was a hooligan!

    Thanks – must post!!!!!!

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