Los Campeones Screening In Sydney

LC movie

In the early 1990’s when I lived in Sydney, I used to walk past a strange interesting-looking storefront in inner-city Chippendale.  The window displayed a huge painting of an Alien head, and inside the store was all manner of weird pop-culture items and artifacts.  Well, the place turned out to be the ‘Mu-Meson Archives’ , a wonderful mix of obscure film, UFology, pop-culture and conspiracy theory  – you know a real alternative to everything else that was out there.

I got to know the Mu-Meson founders Jamie and Aspasia, and it was Jamie (aka Jay Katz) who in 1993 out of the blue said to me “Have you heard about those movies from the 50’s & 60’s where Mexican Wrestlers would fight monsters?”

What?  He had to be making this up, surely?   Well he wasn’t, and 16 years (!) later – after 3 episodes of Rudo By Night, 52 episodes and a feature length DVD of Mucha Lucha!, and countless excursions to watch Lucha Libre in Tijuana, Mexico City and California – our feature film ‘Los Campeones de La Lucha Libre’ screens at the Mu-Meson archives theatre on July 3rd, 2009.

If you are in Sydney, the screening is at 8PM, (Crn Parramatta Rd & Trafalgar St Annandale) together with a documentary entitled Tales from Mexico of Wrestling Politics & Religion  and some informative narration and banter from Jay Katz and Miss Death themselves.  Wish we could be there.

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