Inspired by Tezuka – ‘Dead Ringo’

final-2‘Dead Ringo’ is a new Fwak! project we are pitching.  Don’t want to give too much away, but here’s some of the pitch artwork we did a little while














8 Responses to “Inspired by Tezuka – ‘Dead Ringo’”

  1. it looks awesome, but are you not afraid about comparisions with samurai jack?

  2. Liam Scanlan Says:

    The cartoon seems to have a ghost theme judging by the fact that he died in those images and it’s set in Japan. I know one other cartoon that is ghost-themed and is set in
    The cartoon is very well known in Japan thus spawning spinoff incarnations and two live action movies

    • Hi Liam,

      Thanks for sharing Gegege-no-kitaro! (I love Yokai monsters!)

      Actually this isn’t a ghost story… we were inspired more by Tezuka’s DORORO (amongst other things) which began as a manga then became an animated series ( & more recently also a live action movie.

    • Actually, he’s not a ghost – he gets a second chance at life. It’s more ninja-based and inspired by my devotion to the 1960’s ‘The Samurai’ series I used to watch as a kid, Tezuka’s Dororo, and Keith’s Rainville excellent Ninja 80 site

      Thanks! The link you posted was fun, but ‘Dead Ringo’ isn’t really Yokai based at all

  3. I wanna help with this!!!!

  4. That would be great, Alexis…love your work!

  5. Sweet!!!! Thanks Eddie!!!!
    Just let me know what you need! It will be a pleasure!!
    I am a big fan of KAMUI. Used to watch the t.v. show when I was just 12 years old and changed my life forever.
    Here is my email:
    Really excited!
    Thanks again!!

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