Eddie’s Gonna Make It Happen

If you are in Los Angeles, come and see Eddie perform at Club Ding A Ling on Feb 2nd!!!

As some of you may know, Eddie has been making music since the 80’s... Here he was in SHANGHAI AU GO GO, circa 1986,  in Melbourne, Australia. (www.myspace.com/shanghaiaugogo)

The early 2000’s saw the birth of EDDIEMUERTE and two albums: Lo-Fi In Los Feliz and Ruido Blanco. …Bleepy ditties and beats created using a combination of new school grooveboxes and old school sequencers”, which you can listen to at www.fwakanimation.com.au/eddiemuerte or  www.myspace.com/eddiemuerte

In 2010, Eddie is busy again with a brand new sound.

Check out EDDIE MORT‘s new Fuzz Guitar + Sequencer tunes at www.myspace.com/eddiebeat

Better yet, come see him PLAY LIVE!

Where: Club Ding A Ling Hyperion Tavern, Silverlake
Tuesday night, Feb 2nd , 2010
Club opens at 10pm

See ya there!

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