If you are in Stockholm…

Check out the MAHALO tiki-inspired art show at  Sivletto, a store that specializes in  40’s and 50’s apparel and items. Here is the flyer:

List of artists: mookie (jpn), lili chin (us), heather watts (can), marcus johnson (hkg), ylva-li andersson (swe), kavel rafferty (esp), pekka wizzz (fin), johanna östergren (swe), doug horne (us), johan röstwall (swe), lord dunsby (uk) and gabbi kraepelien (swe).

I will be exhibiting my “Boogie On Witco” print.  Boogie is my boston terrier and the  Witco chair is from Elvis’ “Jungle Room” at Graceland, Memphis.

The MAHALO art show opens on Jan 28th at 6pm (and runs until Feb 21st).

If you go, please share photos!

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