Sneak Peek: DEAD RINGO

A few screengrabs from the DEAD RINGO  pilot that is currently in production. Also check out our Toonboombastic blog where Eddie has been sharing some snazzy Toonboom Animate tips and techniques.

More to come:  DEAD RINGO flickr set

3 Responses to “Sneak Peek: DEAD RINGO”

  1. Liam Scanlan Says:

    Hey Eddie and Lili,

    I used to watch Mucha Lucha when I was little.

    Anyway, you know how Porchlight Entertainment got Los Campeones?:

    Well, Germans got the worldwide rights to Porchlight’s catalogue:

    Can you please announce this on the blog?

  2. Wow like your stuff, just was looking at some of your Animate quicky tuts on Vemo. Then had a look here, I’m new to animation still just learning the pricipals of animation (and only a average artist at best, lol), more of a director, or writer, so I’m always trolling for knowledge and tips. Best of luck and continued sucsess to you!

  3. […] infusion started at Season 2: The Koga Ninja, and really picked up steam in the middle of the run. Eddie Mort was raised on this stuff, and recommends Season 8: The Phantom Ninja. Over the past few years, on […]

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