British Comics

Apologies for the lack of updates. We’re still working away on different projects…the ‘Dead Ringo’ pilot is finished, there are some ‘Mad Moments’ for Warner Bros Animation being done, and a self-produced series taking shape (which we don’t want to give away just yet!)…plus I am also swept up in the whirlwind of raising a 15 month hellcat-masquerading-as a toddler which is occupying my every waking (and sleeping) moment!  Lili is also swamped with Doggie Drawing commissions, and has just put out her excellent ‘Boogie On scooters’ calendar for 2011.

To compensate for the lack of original material we can show, I thought I’d post some artwork by the late, great, Ken Reid which I am currently taking inspiration from. I grew up reading Ken’s work every week as a kid growing up in England, and I spent many hours trying to draw like him. Out of all the artists working in English comics, Ken drew the most twisted, grotesque, barmy characters by far. Here’s a sample of his inspired lunacy. More to come :)

I love animation, but after growing up reading Ken’s strips – these and others like Jinx, Jasper The Grasper, Faceache, Big Head & Thick Head (no, there wasn’t a lot of subtlety :) – I’ve always felt that no-one has come close to his anarchic sense of design and action.

(Images pilfered, half-inched, and swiped from a bunch of excellent Brit Comic blogs: Lew Stringer’s, Peter Gray’s, Comics UK!)

One Response to “British Comics”

  1. thought of you two just now after pulling an allnighter working on a website – now we got sun here in motueka – and El Kabong!

    Lorraine ex-Sydney

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