Miyazaki’s Static Camera

I am very behind in my animated film watching.  I’ll come clean…the last feature I saw was Wallace and Grommit and the Were-Rabbit-thingy.

Yes – I know, I know.

But I recently got to watch Miyazaki’s ‘Ponyo’.  What a great, magical film.  Aside from the fantastic animation, narrative and color pallette, one thing struck me;  Miyazaki’s camera doesn’t move.  Hardly any truck ins/outs, maybe a couple of scenes with a slight multiplane effect.

He really does let the animation provide the film’s movement.

One Response to “Miyazaki’s Static Camera”

  1. Hi Eddie and Lili, if you can get “The Illusionist” on DVD or Blueray I recommend viewing it as soon as possible. Trust me, you will both enjoy this movie very much. I recently saw it and was very much blown away by the exquisite hand drawn animation and painterly background art.

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