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Dance Crasher

Posted in Inspiration, Music, New projects on October 18, 2011 by eddie

Our passion with subcultures and style is ongoing, and so is our commitment to ‘Dance Crasher’, a story about what happens when characters with different aesthetics, outlooks and musical tastes collide.  It’s a big story, and we want it to be a big movie…with a soundtrack that kills!  Below are our character designs, development art and movie synopsis.

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Posted in Los Campeones on October 9, 2011 by lili

At long last, three years after its Mexican theatrical premiere, Los Campeones  finally makes its way onto the US and Canadian DVD market!

In fact, this is the second time that the movie has been released on  DVD.   In 2009, the  DVD release was for Mexico only.

Mexico DVD release (2009)

However, while we are more than happy to see the movie finally available to everyone, as the movie’s producers, there is one thing for the record we need to set straight…

In this new release, some of the music we picked for certain scenes has been replaced due to higher worldwide licensing fees that the US distributors weren’t able or willing to pay for.

We spent a lot of time hand picking some great tracks from some great artists that we felt were perfect for the scenes they were used in.  You can hear some of the original soundtrack at  (Yeah yeah, we know. Nobody goes to myspace anymore)

Having said this, Phofo‘s magnificent original score with Mariachi Los Toros remains, and the HD visual quality of this DVD is stunning. The colors look as brilliant as they did in the 35mm release.

The truly hardcore Los Campeones fan may be pleased to know that in total there are now FOUR versions of the movie…

  1. Mexican theatrical release (Spanish)
  2. Mexican DVD release (English & Spanish)
  3. US DVD release (English, different music)
  4. US DVD release (different Spanish language version, different music)

You can purchase the new Los Campeones DVD on HERE

And yes, the Mexican DVD was still available on Amazon last time we looked :)

– Eddie & Lili

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