Ricky Garduno

We had some brilliant artists and people working on Mucha Lucha!  They’ve gone on to direct and create after the show finished its run.  When Mucha Lucha! became a storyboard driven show during season 2 (i.e. the board artists worked from story outlines rather than scripts, which gave them the freedom to have more creative input), four artists in particular were able to shine; Gabe Swarr, Greg Colton, Darin McGowan and Ricky Garduno.

Ricky Garduno passed away this week.  Despite deadlines and network interference, Ricky started to have fun and push the boundaries of what the show could be.  His wild, insane storyboards got crazier and more inspired as the show went on.  I saved all of the work of his I could – especially his first draft boards that were his own expression before the network made revisions.

When I can I will scan some of these  – especially his masterpiece; ‘Dawn of The Donuts’, where rampaging donuts take over the town.  In the meantime I will be posting his work here: http://muchalucha-art.tumblr.com/

Ricky went on to create great things on other shows, and his own innovative strip for Dumm Comics, 1930 Nightmare Theatre, until sadly he left us this week.

Thanks for being part of our show and our lives – even if it was for just a short, fantastic time.

Ricky Garduno para siempre.

*UPDATE:  I’ve started posting Ricky’s full pitch board for ‘Dawn Of The Donuts’ here…http://mlboards.tumblr.com/

2 Responses to “Ricky Garduno”

  1. there is a nice tribute site here: http://www.rickygardunoslife.com/
    you can upload the storyboards

  2. thanks Jess.

    I started a new tumblr site where I can post one of his full pitch boards

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