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Rick O’Shea

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As well as the Dead Ringo tumblr site, see also ‘Mucha Lucha! Para Siempre’ for some fun and unpublished art from the series and beyond! O'Shea

The wonderful world of Yōkai

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Wikipedia: Yōkai

Hyakumonogatari Kaidankai – “a site dedicated to bringing you authentic, translated Japanese ghost stories, kaidan, yokai and yurei, kappa and tengu, and other weird tales.”

Atelier CroMagnon. How cute are these! (and a blog which unfortunately, I can’t understand) *Google-Translated to English HERE*


bura bura

The Fantastic Shigeru Mizuki English Language Resource Page   (Everyone knows I love  Gegege No Kitaro)

Flickr set: Pages from a Shigeru Mizuki book that I picked up in Japan.

Of course, all this also serves as inspiration and research for our Dead Ringo series. – New domain!

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That’s right! We are in the process of moving from over to = this WordPress blog, right here. We have decided to no longer have a traditional website with all past-present-future-big-small projects and  instead, we are going to stay with a more manageable blog/site that focuses on CURRENT STUFF.  See Projects on the sidebar –>

The website which was started in Australia 10 years ago, is hopelessly out of date anyway, and in a few days, will no longer work. Ironically, this month we are also shipping over from Sydney to LA, the remainder of our studio stuff. Boxes and boxes.  Remember when animation used to be on paper?

Inspiration: Guy Peellaert’s comics

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Last year, when I first  saw Guy Peellaert‘s comic strip panels in the French film Jeu De Massacre (1966), I realized that I had used these same images years ago  as my desktop wallpaper but at the time, had no idea where they were from and who they were by.

And so I Googled for more Peellaert comic strip imagery, and learned about The Adventures of Jodelle and Pravda – the two ‘erotic’ pop-art comics that he produced in the late 60’s  before he became famous for Rock Dreams See my flickr set.

For months, I searched for these out of print comic books and the few copies of Jodelle on Amazon were going for close to $100. Imagine how thrilled I was last week, when I found a first edition copy for $16! The Jodelle story itself is kinda silly… the characters inhabit a “Roman” Space Age world with horse-drawn convertibles, naked/topless spy-girls, naked soldiers, and a few vampires.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE the minimalistic yet dynamic style and the loud bright colors. Lots of hot pinks and oranges, reds and yellows.

I haven’t been able to locate a copy of Pravda but the great  news is that Fantagraphics will be reprinting both of these books later THIS YEAR! I cannot wait.

Dead Ringo Series

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Just a reminder that we are continually updating images from the Dead Ringo series here…

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