fwakanimation.net – New domain!

That’s right! We are in the process of moving from fwakanimation.com.au over to fwakanimation.net 

Fwakanimation.net = this WordPress blog, right here. We have decided to no longer have a traditional website with all past-present-future-big-small projects and  instead, we are going to stay with a more manageable blog/site that focuses on CURRENT STUFF.  See Projects on the sidebar –>

The fwakanimation.com.au website which was started in Australia 10 years ago, is hopelessly out of date anyway, and in a few days, will no longer work. Ironically, this month we are also shipping over from Sydney to LA, the remainder of our studio stuff. Boxes and boxes.  Remember when animation used to be on paper?

2 Responses to “fwakanimation.net – New domain!”

  1. I have to say I’m both happy and sad about this news. I like taking a look at the old stuff now and then.

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