Burn Baby, Burn…

Some people hold Smashing Parties; you know, they get their old computers, fax machines, and whatever has been frustrating them, make a night of it and pummel them with sledgehammers.

There are certain projects we have worked on over the last few years that I really wish I could smash to pieces, or burn beyond recognition.  Alas in this digital age, the best I can do is send the offender to the recycle bin.  Yeah, there are a lot of projects that deserve to be forgotten.  Top of the list could be this one…

Ah, Shaktimaan 5 – what a waste of time you turned out to be.  We were asked to come up with a new take on a live action Indian superhero – Shaktimaan, that would appeal to, you know – the kids!  After many roughs and takes Cartoon Network Asia decided well no, we didn’t really want to do this anyway, but hey, thanks!

So without any remorse or regret, I hereby consign all existing Shaktimaan images to oblivion!  Bye bye Shakti-loser.

Well except this one, ‘cos now I have posted it.  Grrrr!

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