Schoolhouse Rock

Growing up in England and Australia, I never got to see this series of educational interstitials that American kids did in the 1970’s. That is until this week, when my wife found a bunch of them on VHS at the local thrift store.
And they are awesome – especially the ‘Grammar’ series from 1973. Simple, stylish designs, nice (not jerky!) animation, simple backgrounds and fantastic music. This stuff really shows up the so called ‘pre school on TV’ shows on Nick Jr as the bollocks they really are.
And you get the feeling that these were done to actually entertain and stimulate kids, rather than to sell them a Leapfrog device or a Dora playhouse. Most of them are on youtube. This is my fave…

EDIT: I should also point out that the vocalist on the clip is the legendary Blossom Dearie.

2 Responses to “Schoolhouse Rock”

  1. Billy... Says:

    “Unpack Your Adjectives” is one of five SHR songs that are in constant rotation on my iPod. The whole series is available on a very enjoyable DVD at a reasonable price.

  2. Thanks Billy – will seek out the DVD. Like I said, this wasn’t a series I saw as a kid, but I’m happy to see it now with my daughter – and it craps on on everything Nick Jr is presently showing, from a great height.

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