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The Slapbooth Show

Posted in blogging, boston terriers, Los Campeones, New projects with tags , , , , on June 14, 2012 by lili

The Slapbooth Show is a podcast show by Bibi and Fifi of The Poubelle Twins, whom you may know from the very popular Lucha Va Voom.

If you have an hour to spare, listen to me chat with our special luchadora friends on this podcast –>  

It is a little silly. We talk about Lucha Libre, Mucha Lucha, Los Campeones, Doggie Drawings, and Ice Cream. I also say  that I am looking for an agent… which is indeed true as I have some new projects (animated and  screenable, illustrated and publishable) for which I could use some representation.  Gracias!  – Lili

P.S. I have also been recently interviewed on The HERE

Dead Ringo – Episode 5

Posted in blogging, Dead Ringo on April 24, 2012 by eddie

Images from Dead Ringo continue to be posted (as the animated scenes are completed) on my tumblr.
The series itself is a challenge; 13 x 3 min. episodes (though some are closer to 4 minutes!) with a very limited budget. It is a chance to tell an episodic story over the 13 episodes, and enabling me to do something very stylized, and experiment with our color pallette. Each episode has a different ‘seasonal’ approach to the colors that are used. Episode 5 – ‘Ringo & The Bad Day’ is the ‘Cherry Blossom’ episode… – New domain!

Posted in blogging on March 20, 2012 by lili

That’s right! We are in the process of moving from over to = this WordPress blog, right here. We have decided to no longer have a traditional website with all past-present-future-big-small projects and  instead, we are going to stay with a more manageable blog/site that focuses on CURRENT STUFF.  See Projects on the sidebar –>

The website which was started in Australia 10 years ago, is hopelessly out of date anyway, and in a few days, will no longer work. Ironically, this month we are also shipping over from Sydney to LA, the remainder of our studio stuff. Boxes and boxes.  Remember when animation used to be on paper?

Rasslin’ Riot: a review of Los Campeones

Posted in blogging, Los Campeones on August 26, 2009 by lili

Dann Lennard (“Writer, dreamer, drunkard, zinester, Bettie Page expert, wrestling journalist”)  went and saw Los Campeones this weekend and wrote a review on his blog.

REVIEW:  Los Campeones De La Lucha Libre… Everything’s Buena!


And here’s an old photo of  me and a copy of Betty Paginated zine.  And my back cover – Sorpresa!

Blogging update

Posted in blogging on July 23, 2009 by lili

Any moment now, Eddie is going to become a DAD! Which could mean LESS blog posts this week. I will do my best to hold up the fort over here. Just so you know, I am also posting on over at Toonboombastic – our other blog for sharing ToonBoom Animate tips.  We recently acquired Animate Pro (thank you, ToonBoom!) so when we get around to checking this new version out, we will definitely post our thoughts.

Ninja, Ninja, Ninja!

Posted in blogging, Graphics, Inspiration on July 7, 2009 by eddie


Speaking of Ninjas (which we were two posts ago). our longtime friend and colleague Keith Rainville (‘From Parts Unknown’ magazine, and Los Campeones scriptwriter) has released the awesome-est collection of everything Ninja on the planet; Vintage

As with his work documenting Lucha Libre, this is a fantastic one-stop resource for everything Ninja.  There’s also a section on Books and Manga with cool art like this…



Posted in blogging, Inspiration, Music with tags on July 5, 2009 by eddie


cool cats

Not only has this blog moved and undergone rejuvenation, but so has the little-known Fwak! Grab Bag : our pop-culture scrapbook that started as a reference  resource for our DANCE CRASHER cartoon.

WAY too cool for this century, cats and kittens ;)

Fifi Lapin

Posted in blogging, Graphics on June 20, 2009 by lili

Now for a totally different style…

As part of our character design process, and especially for one of our current projects, we like to look to books, magazines and the internet for clothing reference. We try to stay away from that generic “t-shirt, jeans and baseball cap” look that defines almost every animated teenage boy. We like to make the girls look like they were dressed by interesting girls :)

[etsy print]

There is something about these illustrations that makes the Fifi Lapin blog addictive. I don’t even read the text,  I don’t follow haute couture, I am generally not into kawaii/cutesie designs  (I am very specific about the cute things that I like)  and Fifi Lapin’s flat, expressionless ‘Hello-Kittyesque’ bunny-ness has nothing to do with it. It’s not even about the clothing styles.

I don’t know what it is. I think I just love the whole idea of a fashionista rabbit.  (Maybe it’s sort of  like being into dressed-up Blythe dolls). I find the whole project fun and whimsical. I like the way the artist interprets the fabric shapes, textures and colors.

Via:  Fifi Lapin’s Flickr where there are lots more photos and illustrations.

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