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The Slapbooth Show

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The Slapbooth Show is a podcast show by Bibi and Fifi of The Poubelle Twins, whom you may know from the very popular Lucha Va Voom.

If you have an hour to spare, listen to me chat with our special luchadora friends on this podcast –>  

It is a little silly. We talk about Lucha Libre, Mucha Lucha, Los Campeones, Doggie Drawings, and Ice Cream. I also say  that I am looking for an agent… which is indeed true as I have some new projects (animated and  screenable, illustrated and publishable) for which I could use some representation.  Gracias!  – Lili

P.S. I have also been recently interviewed on The HERE

If you are in Stockholm…

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Check out the MAHALO tiki-inspired art show at  Sivletto, a store that specializes in  40’s and 50’s apparel and items. Here is the flyer:

List of artists: mookie (jpn), lili chin (us), heather watts (can), marcus johnson (hkg), ylva-li andersson (swe), kavel rafferty (esp), pekka wizzz (fin), johanna östergren (swe), doug horne (us), johan röstwall (swe), lord dunsby (uk) and gabbi kraepelien (swe).

I will be exhibiting my “Boogie On Witco” print.  Boogie is my boston terrier and the  Witco chair is from Elvis’ “Jungle Room” at Graceland, Memphis.

The MAHALO art show opens on Jan 28th at 6pm (and runs until Feb 21st).

If you go, please share photos!

Calling all Boston Terrier people

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Boogie Loves All-Mighty postcards

If you have seen any of my other internet profiles (flickr, facebook etc) it’s clear that I am obsessed with my boston terrier – Boogie,  adopted from Boston Buddies Rescue.

Next month on September 12th is Boston Buddies’ 4th Annual Boston Tea Party, in Huntington Beach. There will be hundreds of boston terriers & their people present. There will be contests, food, adoptable BTs, photo ops, auctions of BT-related stuff, and BT-related giveaways. These postcards above were created for the All-Mighty Clothing gift bags, and they feature Boogie and gals wearing All-Mighty apparel.

Come and join the party! (Which is open also to non Boston Terrier People)

…  last year’s Boogie On calendar series:

Yes, I am a crazy boston terrier person. :)

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