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cool cats

Not only has this blog moved and undergone rejuvenation, but so has the little-known Fwak! Grab Bag : our pop-culture scrapbook that started as a reference  resource for our DANCE CRASHER cartoon.

WAY too cool for this century, cats and kittens ;)

More Kaspar Kasperovich!

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As I finish my story, ‘The Kinky Kasperovich Konumdrum’, I thought I’d post some more of Lili’s (unfinished) inspirational art and photo collage

Kaspar teaches Svetlana how to mambo!

Kaspar teaches Svetlana how to mambo!

Agent Kasperovich arrives in Habana!

Agent Kasperovich arrives in Habana!

These montages were for our own story/design reference



Mexicanos in Space!

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Ruth Livier (who voiced Sorpresa in our Los Campeones movie) sent this link today: FINAL FRONTIER MY FRIENDS

This August there will be Two Latino astronauts going on the space mission, Jose Hernandez – a Mexican National from Michoacan, who studied at UC Santa Barbara and Daniel Olivas – From El Paso, TX.

We think it’s pretty cool. Everyone should go to space. Everyone!

On a related “space” theme, check out der onnder’s astonishing Flickr collection of space stamps from around the globe.

Also on Flickr,  Dustin Weant‘s Otto photos put a smile on my face.

And of course how could I not mention Cosmic Baby aka Taikonaut 1?

RIP Mr. Black Tight Killers

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Japanese director Yasuharu Hasebe has died at the age of 77.

Firstly, this awesome graphic  via

Next, here are ‘Black Tight Killers’ Opening Titles which we recorded from TV (VHS):

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Myspace Video link

Last but not least, Eddie’s tribute to this film. Listen to Eddiemuerte‘s:  Killers In Black Tights

More ‘Bande Dessinee’

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Tintin by the great Serge Clerc
Tintin by the great Serge Clerc

A new project I am developing has me going back to my Tintin books.  I’ve never understand why the estate of Herge refused to let anyone continue the series after Herge’s death (although they will release countless rehashes of existing work in all manner of gimmicky format, and allow the film rights to go to  – shudder – Spielberg), especially as there are other Belgian and French artists who could have kickstarted Tintin for a new millenium.  Here’s a few interpretations…

An amazing interpretation by Serge Clerc
An amazing interpretation by Serge Clerc
Tintin by Yves Chaland

Tintin by Yves Chaland

Yves Chaland

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The great Belgian artist now has an official website.  It’s all in French, but there’s a great pictorial listing of all Chaland’s published work.

Though Chaland died in 1990 aged only 33, he left a vast and amazing body of work.  Here is his take on the classic ‘Spirou’ cartoon





Why we British grew up so twisted…

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FrankiesteingobstopperMy mum used to buy me one of these comics everyday when I was a kid.  My favorite characters were the grotesque ones done by Ken Reid (above).

Ken was one of Manchester’s finest and drew characters like ‘Facheache‘, ‘Jasper The Grasper’ and ‘Hugh Fowler’  (THIS is both demented and hilarious.  Fowler has one emotion and expression; HATE!)

I also loved Leo Baxendale’s stuff too, especially as he drew mainly spotty, obnoxious school kids.  ‘The Swots & The Blots’ was my favorite


More at Peter Gray’s great English comic site

Fred Perry+Vespa=

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Ok I have a BIG birthday coming up this year (no I am not turning 21 – add a few decades!).  Maybe I can dream that someone will buy me this.  I have a green Fred Perry shirt that will match it perfectly!

More info here


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Tilt-shift photography (aka – ‘the art of making locations & people look like miniature toy sets’ ) is always a wonder to look at.

First stop, BARCELONA


And this one is awesome -> Tilt-shift images of TOKYO, in a calendar by Uniqlo with music by Fantastic Plastic Machine.

We will update this blog everyday.

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With Twitter and Facebook taking over my life these days, I pay less attention to blogs.  But sometimes a random tweet can lead you to wonderful things and wonderful blogs.

By Kevin Dart

by House Industries, Girard-inspired

Via grain edit, a site that “is focused on classic design work from the 1950s-1970s and contemporary designers that draw inspiration from that time period”  (check out the fabulous interviews with Kevin Dart, House Industries etc.!)  I found a blog about Cuban Posters.

How awesome are these –

by Oliva 1968

Oiliva 1968

by Alfredo Rostgard

by Alfredo Rostgaard 1971

It’s a shame that this Cuban Poster blog hasn’t been updated since 2008.

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