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Vintage Mexican Sci-Fi film festival

Posted in Film Festivals, Inspiration, Los Campeones on August 12, 2009 by lili

We are so excited about these Hammer Mexican Sci Fi screenings! A related article on HERE.

La Nave De Los Monstrous in particular – because we have only seen this on low-quality VHS in Spanish, with no English subtitles,  and it was inspiration for many a monster in Los Campeones! :)


Vampire women







Saving this date: Friday August 28th, 7.30pm.  UCLA Billy Wilder Theater. See you there!

The Secret Life of Walt Disney

Posted in Books, Inspiration, New projects on July 10, 2009 by lili

“En Pleine Guerre Froid” is a story by Froch and Fromental in Metal Hurlant issue 70. We recently repurchased this comic book from eBay because it was easier and cheaper to do this than to have someone relocate it amongst our storage items and ship it from Sydney.

“En Pleine Guerre Froid” is set during the Cold War as the title suggests, and thanks to Google Translate, the story goes a little something like this:

A Russian spy visits a fellow spy and famous comic book critic/reviewer who was once thrown in jail for peddling American comic books in the Red Square. In the home of this critic, he meets a kid who has won a drawing contest to see Walt Disney in America. Using a special device, the spy transfers his ‘mind’ into the kid’s body and vice versa, and off he goes to kidnap Uncle Walt.

As it turns out, Walt Disney was no longer alive.

This Walt Disney was a robot created by the KGB.

En Pleine Guerre Froid: Read the full story here (flickr set)

File under: Inspiration for the Kinky Kasperovich Konundum (Our Comrade In Cuba)

Ninja, Ninja, Ninja!

Posted in blogging, Graphics, Inspiration on July 7, 2009 by eddie


Speaking of Ninjas (which we were two posts ago). our longtime friend and colleague Keith Rainville (‘From Parts Unknown’ magazine, and Los Campeones scriptwriter) has released the awesome-est collection of everything Ninja on the planet; Vintage

As with his work documenting Lucha Libre, this is a fantastic one-stop resource for everything Ninja.  There’s also a section on Books and Manga with cool art like this…



Posted in blogging, Inspiration, Music with tags on July 5, 2009 by eddie


cool cats

Not only has this blog moved and undergone rejuvenation, but so has the little-known Fwak! Grab Bag : our pop-culture scrapbook that started as a reference  resource for our DANCE CRASHER cartoon.

WAY too cool for this century, cats and kittens ;)

More Kaspar Kasperovich!

Posted in Inspiration, New projects, Uncategorized on June 27, 2009 by eddie

As I finish my story, ‘The Kinky Kasperovich Konumdrum’, I thought I’d post some more of Lili’s (unfinished) inspirational art and photo collage

Kaspar teaches Svetlana how to mambo!

Kaspar teaches Svetlana how to mambo!

Agent Kasperovich arrives in Habana!

Agent Kasperovich arrives in Habana!

These montages were for our own story/design reference



Mexicanos in Space!

Posted in Graphics, Inspiration with tags , on June 25, 2009 by lili

Ruth Livier (who voiced Sorpresa in our Los Campeones movie) sent this link today: FINAL FRONTIER MY FRIENDS

This August there will be Two Latino astronauts going on the space mission, Jose Hernandez – a Mexican National from Michoacan, who studied at UC Santa Barbara and Daniel Olivas – From El Paso, TX.

We think it’s pretty cool. Everyone should go to space. Everyone!

On a related “space” theme, check out der onnder’s astonishing Flickr collection of space stamps from around the globe.

Also on Flickr,  Dustin Weant‘s Otto photos put a smile on my face.

And of course how could I not mention Cosmic Baby aka Taikonaut 1?

RIP Mr. Black Tight Killers

Posted in Inspiration, Music on June 22, 2009 by lili

Japanese director Yasuharu Hasebe has died at the age of 77.

Firstly, this awesome graphic  via

Next, here are ‘Black Tight Killers’ Opening Titles which we recorded from TV (VHS):

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Myspace Video link

Last but not least, Eddie’s tribute to this film. Listen to Eddiemuerte‘s:  Killers In Black Tights

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