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Dead Ringo Design

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This design utilizes the Glow effect in Animate.  I created a glow layer and then inverted it to effect the trees

The Directional Glow effect was added to the background


Some of the demons Ringo must battle

We’ll be posting some animation tests in the next few weeks

More Animation effects

Posted in New projects with tags , , on September 15, 2009 by eddie

Don’t forget our Toonboom-Bastic blog, where we post scenes we have produced using ‘Animate’.  The Multiplane camera in Animate is the best thing ever, and we are having a blast with it; it really adds an extra dimension to our truck ins/outs/pans…

Calling all Boston Terrier people

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Boogie Loves All-Mighty postcards

If you have seen any of my other internet profiles (flickr, facebook etc) it’s clear that I am obsessed with my boston terrier – Boogie,  adopted from Boston Buddies Rescue.

Next month on September 12th is Boston Buddies’ 4th Annual Boston Tea Party, in Huntington Beach. There will be hundreds of boston terriers & their people present. There will be contests, food, adoptable BTs, photo ops, auctions of BT-related stuff, and BT-related giveaways. These postcards above were created for the All-Mighty Clothing gift bags, and they feature Boogie and gals wearing All-Mighty apparel.

Come and join the party! (Which is open also to non Boston Terrier People)

…  last year’s Boogie On calendar series:

Yes, I am a crazy boston terrier person. :)

The Secret Life of Walt Disney

Posted in Books, Inspiration, New projects on July 10, 2009 by lili

“En Pleine Guerre Froid” is a story by Froch and Fromental in Metal Hurlant issue 70. We recently repurchased this comic book from eBay because it was easier and cheaper to do this than to have someone relocate it amongst our storage items and ship it from Sydney.

“En Pleine Guerre Froid” is set during the Cold War as the title suggests, and thanks to Google Translate, the story goes a little something like this:

A Russian spy visits a fellow spy and famous comic book critic/reviewer who was once thrown in jail for peddling American comic books in the Red Square. In the home of this critic, he meets a kid who has won a drawing contest to see Walt Disney in America. Using a special device, the spy transfers his ‘mind’ into the kid’s body and vice versa, and off he goes to kidnap Uncle Walt.

As it turns out, Walt Disney was no longer alive.

This Walt Disney was a robot created by the KGB.

En Pleine Guerre Froid: Read the full story here (flickr set)

File under: Inspiration for the Kinky Kasperovich Konundum (Our Comrade In Cuba)

Bostie Boys Artwork

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As we’ve blogged already, The Bostie Boys is our cartoony Bowery Boys/Fleischer-inspired short we are currently working on.  While we are producing the cartoon in color, we will ultimately output it in black and white.  Here are some layouts, renders, and final B&W effects

Original layout for the animatic
Original layout for the animatic

Animated scene still with background

The final image with black and white effects
The final image with black and white effects

More B & W Images…


Inspired by Tezuka – ‘Dead Ringo’

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final-2‘Dead Ringo’ is a new Fwak! project we are pitching.  Don’t want to give too much away, but here’s some of the pitch artwork we did a little while














King Of Corny Island

Posted in New projects with tags , , on July 1, 2009 by eddie

coney logo-crop

Logo for our new Bostie Boys cartoon ‘King Of Corny Island’ (more sketches/storyboards/layouts coming soon!) 

I used Toonboom Animate for the colors and effects – although I had to import the text from Flash as there is no text option in Animate :(

Here’s the larger picture (click image for full size)

CornyIsland map-final

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