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Working rough…

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Storyboard page from our feature film ‘Los Campeones de La Lucha Libre’. Because other studios were involved in the production, the storyboards HAD to be detailed and on-model – especially as we knew some (most!) artists would be skipping the layout stage and working straight from the boards. Here are some more examples:

I personally love boarding as I feel it’s where true animation direction comes from. But right now I am enjoying working a little looser and rougher; because the cartoons we are doing are being produced from within, it means the storyboards become more of a blueprint for ideas, rather than rigid direction. And they don’t have to be consistently on model. Hell, when we work on our own stuff, we don’t even use model sheets.

Here are two examples of rougher boards; Super Computer & Dead Ringo. Note that some of the dialogue has been removed because these are still in production, and we don’t want to give EVERYTHING away! :)

Los Campeones On facebook

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As this site has become a portal to other sites hosting our work, please check our Los Campeones facebook page, where we post all kinds of art from the movie – including backgrounds, character designs, publicity artwork and storyboards.  And please – if any of this appeals, please feel free to like us ;)

Dead Ringo Design

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This design utilizes the Glow effect in Animate.  I created a glow layer and then inverted it to effect the trees

The Directional Glow effect was added to the background


Some of the demons Ringo must battle

We’ll be posting some animation tests in the next few weeks

Rough as guts – the Trio Heroico sequence

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A very early ROUGH animatic for the Trio Heroico sequence in Los Campeones.

Eddie animated the fights between the Trio and monsters; I  roughed out key poses for the nightclub dancing scene … which you don’t really see in the final movie as we ran out of time and money to animate everything. We will HAVE TO do the sports cars and go-go girls in a Los Campeones sequel! ;)

Bostie Boys Artwork

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As we’ve blogged already, The Bostie Boys is our cartoony Bowery Boys/Fleischer-inspired short we are currently working on.  While we are producing the cartoon in color, we will ultimately output it in black and white.  Here are some layouts, renders, and final B&W effects

Original layout for the animatic
Original layout for the animatic

Animated scene still with background

The final image with black and white effects
The final image with black and white effects

More B & W Images…


Inspired by Tezuka – ‘Dead Ringo’

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final-2‘Dead Ringo’ is a new Fwak! project we are pitching.  Don’t want to give too much away, but here’s some of the pitch artwork we did a little while














Endsville Storyboard Panels

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John Q. Law (Endsville)

John Q. Law (Endsville)


Endsville is our custom-culture project that has been kicking around for a while (the usual story; network development deal/development stalls/we wait 3 years to get the property back) and we’re finally working on a storyboard for a pilot episode ‘The Roadkill That Wouldn’t die’


(Panels drawn in Flash, to be imported into Storyboard Pro)

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