Jonny Quest Documentary

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Jonny Quest was my favorite cartoon as an 8 year old. I loved the international locations, impossible creatures, and exotic villains!

There is an interesting multi-part documentary on youtube that while a little long-winded, is obviously done with a lot of fan affection.

My favorite part is this one, where the makers have lovingly stitched together the wonderful background pans from the series, by way of Photoshop! Enjoy.

Ska-Ville update

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Amongst other projects ‘Ska-ville’ goes on. Here’s an image from a current scene. A couple of Ska crazy birds explain to an out-of-town pigeon just ‘What is Ska?’

New Dead Ringo trailer

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The first time I heard the phrase ‘App’ I thought to myself “Is this just like the Flash stuff with buttons everyone has been doing for years?”. After finally experiencing an App, I guess it is…admittedly with more advanced touchy-feely interaction.

Unfortunately – and as everyone knows – mean old Apple won’t run Flash on their devices, which brings instant problems for animators wanting to create Apps of their own. And double unfortunately, it means seeking out lesser-than-Flash programs that export to more iPhone/Pad friendly formats like Html 5.

Having explored a few of these programs (I am interested in developing an App for ‘Ska-Ville’ our learn-how-to-dance-the-Ska cartoon) I am really upset that they hark a return to pre-Flash ‘FutureSplash’ days. While they are cheap – Hippo Studios ‘Animator’ costs $40 – all the animation I’ve seen coming from these programs looks really remedial and uninspiring.

So if there are any animators out there developing their ideas for Apps, I would be really interested in hearing what programs and techniques you are using.

Dead Ringo Episode 5 images

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More Dead Ringo images are up on the Ringo series tumblr

Adios Big-Headed Rikochet…

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Mixed emotions today. The Rikochet Halloween costume has finally been discontinued. I say mixed emotions because: a) the bulbous head on this thing has been freaking us out since 2004 and b) well, actually there is no b.

My wife actually searched for this to buy it for our 2-and-a half year old. Querida Edna Mort…you dodged a bullet ;)

Dead Ringo – Episode 5

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Images from Dead Ringo continue to be posted (as the animated scenes are completed) on my tumblr.
The series itself is a challenge; 13 x 3 min. episodes (though some are closer to 4 minutes!) with a very limited budget. It is a chance to tell an episodic story over the 13 episodes, and enabling me to do something very stylized, and experiment with our color pallette. Each episode has a different ‘seasonal’ approach to the colors that are used. Episode 5 – ‘Ringo & The Bad Day’ is the ‘Cherry Blossom’ episode…

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