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The Kinky Kasperovich Konundrum

Posted in New projects with tags , on June 26, 2009 by eddie

Kasperovich montage

A few years back we started on an idea for a new cartoon, best described as  ‘what if James Bond was Russian and worked for the KGB and got mixed up with revolutionaries, the mob and rock ‘n Roll in 1958 Habana, Cuba?’ (Yes, I know – we won’t exactly be pitching this to Nickelodeon)

And so ‘Kaspar Kasperovich’ was born!

Kasperovich Kover

Lili created this fabulous concept artwork based on a few pages I wrote, and after rediscovering it I have decided to finish the story, and who knows…let’s see what happens!

Kasperovich montage3Kasperovich montage2

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