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The Slapbooth Show

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The Slapbooth Show is a podcast show by Bibi and Fifi of The Poubelle Twins, whom you may know from the very popular Lucha Va Voom.

If you have an hour to spare, listen to me chat with our special luchadora friends on this podcast –>  

It is a little silly. We talk about Lucha Libre, Mucha Lucha, Los Campeones, Doggie Drawings, and Ice Cream. I also say  that I am looking for an agent… which is indeed true as I have some new projects (animated and  screenable, illustrated and publishable) for which I could use some representation.  Gracias!  – Lili

P.S. I have also been recently interviewed on The HERE

Los Campeones screening in Sydney; DVDs

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Another reminder (and these will keep comin’) that our animated movie Los Campeones De La Lucha Libre will be premiering in Sydney, Australia next month. Yep, this is the first time that it will be showing in Australia! Unfortunately we can’t make it to Sydney,  but we will be there in spirit!

Date: July 3rd, 2009
Place: Mu-Meson Archives, Annandale
Time: TBD

Link to MuMeson website and film program:

Our hosts Jay Katz and Miss Death are also showing a Lucha Libre documentary, and we will be present via DVD (we are preparing a little something to proceed the movie – not least explaining how Eddie was introduced to ‘Mexican Wrestling movies’ all those years ago by Mr. Jay Katz himself!)

Furthermore, word has it that DVDs of Los Campeones have been released in Mexico by BouncyNet Inc.  These are fullscreen (why no widescreen?) versions with both Spanish and English audio and subtitles. No US distribution yet. More information about our movie can found in the downloadable L.C. presskit.

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