Los Campeones Art Book?

Layout8-cover copy

Well not yet. We started putting some layouts together with the hope of making this happen.  And as we have always liked books that show the rougher side of the process – sketchy thumbnails, rough pencil animation and layouts – our approach would be to show the evolution of the movie from these roughs to the finished artwork that eventually made it up on screen.

Layout2 copy

Story thumbnails and storyboard panels on the left  – with the actual finished version on the right

Layout5 copy

Rough poses for the animation

Layout7 copy

Rough poses for Mr. Profesional – and the final animated images on the right

Layout3 copyJust a fraction of the many characters we designed for the movie!

And believe us – there is a LOT more rough artwork from where this came from!

One Response to “Los Campeones Art Book?”

  1. Billy... Says:

    Heck yes! I would snatch this up in a second! What an awesome idea to compliment a fun movie!

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