Working REALLY Rough…

One of the advantages of cleaning up and compositing your own animation, is that the original animation itself can be REALLY rough. Because there is no one working on this after me, my original drawings can be pretty damn ugly as seen in the follwing example…

(Rough animation, followed by finished scene with background and visual effects. Roughed out in Flash, spit, polish and finish in Toon Boom Animate).

One Response to “Working REALLY Rough…”

  1. Lorraine Says:

    Hi Lili and Eddie – really enjoying seeing you pushing forward with some more of your original ideas.
    They are looking muy grande

    Have a room full of Chilean and Argentinean seasonal workers here at the house at the moment full of that hi octane rapid fire lingo and expansive hand talking. Full of fish and chips Pisco and coke

    Thought of you tonight after reading a DLF post about ToonBoom StoryBoard Pro. Do you use it? Do you know anyone who does? Would you recommend it or suggest a better alternative?

    Interesting to see you have not totally abandoned Flash – and how you are integrating it into your mo

    Haere Mai from New Zealand
    Lorraine Binnington

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